Twirling Books

Dancing, and Reading. Don’t really mix. Dancers reading books. Books twirling. Homework is especially hard, when you have to dance for 12 hours a week and fit 100 pages of book in there.

One of the books I am reading is a group book we are working on in a class. It is called “Book Thief”

Maybe some of my classmates have talked about it, (look on my Blogroll) and if they did, they’ll have more info than I do. It is a wonderful book based in World War Two. My favorite characteristics are the perspectives and all the  cool characters.

I know I didn’t give too much info, because I’m running out of time here, but you should READ IT! Wonderful, exiting, exhilerating book!

How to Deal

“You should be grateful.  Until I went out to have a life of my own, I knew absolutely nothing about investing, credit cards, or even taxes!”

My mom likes to put me in every financial class, have me read all the “How to Get Rich” and such books, and do everything possible to teach me about how to be “money smart.” Of course I protest,  because I’m pretty sure I know more about how to invest and sell a house than any other kid in my grade, with me having a mother who is a realtor, and a house-building/renting dad.  I know all this is for something good, but currently I just find it a bit of a  burden that is taking up part of my brain.

I completely understand their point of view, but fact is, I like mine better!

A Blanket of Snow

Ironic, huh? As my friend Ellie, so aptly observed, it is funny that they call it a blanket because a blanket keeps you warm, and snow does the opposite.

 The people in my family may not agree, but I love winter. Yes, living in somewhere like Florida would be incredible, but I have to admit that I would miss all of the snow. To me, there’s nothing that quite compares to the feeling that you get when you go sledding down that huge, steep hill at your local park.  

One reason that I am partial to winter could be that my birthday is in the coldest week of winter, which is from 1/10- 1/17.

I like to spend my snow days outside in the snow, except normaly after about 10 minutes out in the snow, my face and feet go numbm so I go inside to drink some hot cocao.

I hope all of you guys out there get to experience the joy of getting snow days!!

New Happy Year!

Yes, I mean to say that. This last year (2010) was full of joy, pain, and most importantly, new experiences for me. I had lots of fun in E.L. and all of my classmates gave me tons of support throughout everything that happened.

My goal for the new year is to read more, which is already wording out, because in the last week, I have already read 4 1/2 books!! (ranging from 160 pgs. – 260 pgs.)

I have I couple of other personal goals, but most of them are too wierd to be worth public sharing.  I hope everyone’s new year is great as I hope mine will be!!

Write, or type?

For a very long time, I despized writing.I didn’t have the patience to sit and scribble words in a journal. Especially not for fun. You couldn’t make me write more than a paragraph on paper. I think one reason for my disliking is because, when I’m writing, I can’t get my thoughts down as fast as I’d like to. When I write, I’m always thinking two sentences ahead already. Even before I decided to like writing, I have always preferred to type up my thoughts. I can type pretty fast, but the problem is, sometimes I don’t have a very long atttetion span. I can easily get distracted, especially when there are people around me. I prefer to be alone when I am trying to concentrate. To prove my point, I have been distracted 2-3 times while typing the last three sentences. Make that four.

     Recently, I have discovered that I am acually pretty good at writing. Here is an example:

For many a year, the Garyan family celebrated their St. Patrick’s day in New York City. But this year, their plans took a turn for the worse. When they got on their plane, they made a shocking discorvery- their luggage was- but I’m getting behind in my story! Let’s go back to the end of the story, for the beginning is much to soon….

One day far, far in the future, Valbean Garyan is quickly walking into a gyser located in Wyoming. Not the state in north-western U.S.A., though. Wyoming is the name of the large mansion that is home to Officer Valbean, Mistress Marsupa, their oldest child – at seventeen- Beysin, and his younger sister, Kizmia. Kizmia, although only at the age of 12, is the most advanced kid in her whole class at science. She could break apart and put back together the components of almost every substance she drinks. She is also very experienced with artifacts.

See, that wasn’t too bad was it? I’d continue it, but I need to get on with my blogging, but maybe I’ll continue the story later! Over all wether you like to write, type, or maybe even compose, it is not as bad as it may seem (at least not to me). And if you are like I used to be, with not liking writing, here is a piece of adice that  my teacher gave me: All throughout life, you will be required to write, wether it’s poems or essays. So you may as well just get used to it!

So, You’re Gifted…

Today, 11/3/10, we took multipe tests to learn more about ourselves and our personal version of what it means to be gifted. As a first step, we took the Myers-Briggs test. it consisted of app. 70 questions. As a result, The letters I got were ESTP. that stands for Extraverted (89), Sensing (12), Thinking (6), and Perceiving (17). Since my Extraverted number is 89, which is very high, most likely, it will stay the same throughout my life.

We also took a test called “True Colors.” My most dominating colors were orange and green. On the first I got a 12 and 11 on those. Orange means someone who is  very active and motivating, and green means someone who is very logical. The other two colors you can score are blue, which is sentimental, and gold, which means peaceful or caring. Gold was my second to last at a point level of 9. On blue I scored a 5, coming as last.

The third and final test/quiz we took was called “My Learning Style.” On this test we decided wether we learn visually, auditorally, or kinestheticly. As a resul,I turned out to be a visual person. This means it is easier for me to do things when i can see things with my own eyes.

Another thing we did was to chose a quote and draw it on a piece of paper with other decorations. I will post that on my blog soon. The paragraph that I wrote about being in E.L. (or gifted class) is the post prier to this one.

I learned today that I am social and smart. As a whole, I learned that I am not perfect, just how no one is. Being gifted is the best gift I have ever gotten, and being so has really helped me become more responsible and wise.

What it means to be gifted

In my mind, being gifted is not for the unworthy, or the unaware. Being gifted is a gift, a present. You have to resist from being greedy. The present cannot be torn open and played with immediately, but you must patiently uncover each layer. That way you can appreciate what you are being granted. To be gifted is to understand, or better, comprehend what higher opportunity that we have within reach. Those who accept it have a new responsibility, something more upon their shoulders. People often do not realize that being enhanced is not all full of sugar and spice. Being gifted, people expect more of you. Likewise, as for the sometimes jealous people who are not as gifted, most will insult you, or degrade you for being slightly superior to them. The higher standards do not require you to study constantly, and be secluded and gone away in your mind. It simply requires you try harder, do your best, and most of all be disciplined. Despite orders, rules, and laws, no one can make you do the right thing. For, as a human being others can’t think for you. You have to make your own decisions,

so do so wisely.

My First Big Goal (in E.L.)

My first goal is to create a Photostory about A palace in Lhasa, Tibet. It is called Potasa Palace. I find it very interesting because it is part of a very different  culture. The traditions and festivals of Lhasa are incredible! I learned that they celebrate goats and oxen because those animals are very special to the people who live there.